Our 100% organic ketchup and pasta sauce are hand cooked using fresh tomatoes and ingredients grown by farmers we trust and know personally.

You can have our sauces directly delivered to your home.

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Best Ketchup ever! Wouldn't take another!

Eva Hoisl-Stern

I am a huge Ketchup fan and Curtice Brothers is just the best ever!!!

Nicolas Ayuso

By far, best ketchup I have ever tried, you can taste the natural ingredients, I love it

Maram Chahine

Every tomato ketchup fan should try real tomato ketchup at least once in their life! Just like this ketchup. There's a huge difference. Well, I don't have a picture. The bottle is empty. This may not be the cheapest, but it teaches from the first drop how tomato ketchup can taste. Well, in that case, the price is reasonable.

Ann Lori

77% tomato and only 11% sugar. All organic and vegan. That alone is convincing. The bottle is very nice and because of the wide neck it doesn't clog up like usual with full ketchup bottles. Now to the taste: Very fruity and full-bodied, perfect mixture of acidity and sweetness. Only the sensor technology is a little different from cheap supermarket ketchup, not quite as creamy - creamy, which I attribute to the absence of binders and fillers. But this has no negative effect whatsoever. It has a great taste and will have a firm place in the fridge.


Organic Ketchup

Organic Ketchup made from fresh Tomatoes, onions, apples and spices. Cooked slowly with love.

We now deliver directly to your door.

6x 270mL
Organic Ketchup in a glass bottle
£29.40 inkl. VAT

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Shipping included (UK)

Organic Pasta Sauce

Our Pasta Sauce is always made from Fresh Tomatoes, Never concentrate. Cooked gently and slowly to allow the full flavor and aroma to be released with each mouthful.

We now deliver directly to your door.

4.5L Pasta Sauce Bag-in-Box
£22.90 inkl. VAT

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Free delivery starts at two packs (UK)