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Happy Birtday Curtice

150 years ago Louis Lartet discovered the first identified skeletons of early Homo sapiens sapiens, Thomas Edison filed his very first patent and Andrew Johnson was the first American president to be accused of abuse of office.1868 also marks the birthday of the Curtice Brothers Company, when Simeon and Edgar Curtice cooked a surplus of fresh tomatoes from their small grocery store into ketchup. Their product sold so successfully that the brothers soon expanded their production and eventually distributed their ketchup throughout North America.

In 1920, when the two Curtice brothers died, the company was unfortunately dissolved through various takeovers and the name of the two brothers disappeared from the scene. For the next 100 years, the Curtice Brothers brand was dormant, and only a few of them lived on.

One of them is a 14-year-old boy from White Plains, New York, who still knows the story of the old Curtice brothers. His name is Curtice James and he is the great-great-grandson of Edgar N. Curtice.

On 12 December Curtice James turns 15. And since we don't know the exact day the old Curtice brothers founded their company in 1868, we decided to join Curtice James and celebrate our 150th birthday on December 12th as well.

Curtice, I hope you will have a great birthday with good friends and that a small blue box full of small red bottles will arrive in time for the winter barbecue.

Happy birthday Curtice!
Happy birthday, brothers!

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Curtice Brothers United

Curtice Brothers United

The Curtice Brothers win the Great Taste Award

The Curtice Brothers win the Great Taste Award