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Jacqueline's Bolognese


- 1 kilo of lean meat
- 1/2 kilo of lean pork meat
- 2 large organic onions chopped
- 5 organic garlic heads chopped
- 2 beef bouillon cubes (I usually use Knorr)
- 1/2 cup of oil
- Salt & pepper
- Chopped organic parsley
- Fresh organic tomatoes
- Curtice Brothers organic tomato sauce


- Put the oil on the large pan and fry the lean meat together until it is all cooked through.
- Add a pinch of salt
- Add the chopped onions and garlic
- Add a bit more of salt
- Add the bouillon cubes
- Let it cook for 20 min until the onions and garlic become very soft
- Add the freshly chopped tomatoes
- Add 1 cup of Curtice Brothers organic tomato sauce

Now the secret... Once you put the fresh tomatoes and the Curtice Brothers organic tomato sauce, it is very important that you let it simmer at a low temperature (in the range of about 45 to 85 °C).

Remember: the longer it cooks, the better it will taste.

About 30 min before you serve it, add the fresh chopped parsley to create the unique perfume in the Bolognese sauce.

When I cook this Bolognese sauce at home, I usually start cooking 6 hours before I will serve it. This sauce goes very well with spaghetti pasta, but it can also be used with lasagna.



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