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Chicken Quesadilla

Who doesn’t love a good quesadilla? Flavourful filling with melted cheese and a tasty dip. We used chicken breast in our version, but you can use anything else that you like – minced beef or a vegetarian option works really well too. Or go wild! Make a variety!

Chicken Quesadilla


1 tbsp of vegetable oil
□  100g of chicken breast, cut into strips
□  20g of red onions, sliced
□  20g of red bell pepper, sliced
□  1 clove of garlic
□  1 tbsp of corn
□  1 tbsp of cooked red kidney beans
□  A pinch of salt
□  A pinch of black pepper
□  30 gr of cheddar cheese slices
□  1 tortilla wrap

□  3 tbsp of Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup
□  1 tsp of red onions, diced
□  Fresh rosemary
□  A pinch of garlic powder


1. Mix the ingredients for the dip and set aside
2. In a hot pan, add vegetable oil, and fry the chicken with the onions, peppers and garlic
3. Season with salt and black pepper
4. After 5 minutes add in the corn and beans and cook for another 2 minutes
6. Take it off the heat
7. Now take a bigger pan that will fit your tortilla wrap, and place the tortilla in
8. Spoon the mixture into one half of the wrap and top with cheese
9. Fold the wrap in half
10. Cook for 2 minutes on each side
11. Cut into triangles and serve with dip

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Organic Ketchup Lover [6 Jars]
Organic Ketchup Lover [6 Jars]
Organic Ketchup Lover [6 Jars]
Organic Ketchup Lover [6 Jars]
Organic Ketchup Lover [6 Jars]