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Curtice Brothers Beef Burger

JThe best part? It goes so well with all of our sauces – Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard! It’s going to be a beautiful mess.

Curtice Brothers Beef Burger


200g minced beef
□  2 tbsp of Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup
□  1 tsp of soy sauce
□  3 tbsp of breadcrumbs
□  1 egg yolk
□  1 tsp of black pepper
□  1 tbsp of red onion, finely diced

□  2 burger buns
□  tomatoes slices
□  lettuce
□  2 slices of emmental cheese
□  red onions
□  1 tsp Curtice Brothers Organic Mustard
□  More Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup / Mayonnaise


1. Mix all the patty ingredients in a bowl. Careful not to overmix
2. Form two patties and put in the fridge so they can set for at least 30 minutes
3. Grill the patties in a hot pan, for 3 minutes on each side and top with emmental for the last 2 minutes of cooking so it melts nicely on top
4. Meanwhile, lightly grill the burger buns and buttered butter them with Curtice Brothers Organic Mustard
5. Assemble the burger, top with more Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup, Mayonnaise, or Mustard and enjoy!

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