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Potato Salad

Whether it's a side dish for dinner or as a dish that you want to bring to a potluck, this warm potato salad will be a fantastic idea! You only need to put together a few ingredients, and our organic sauces will do the trick. Try it!

Potato Salad


□  300 gr of boiled potatoes, warm and chopped
□  50 gr of pickles, sliced
□  50 gr of roasted ham, sliced
□  50 gr of sweetcorn
□  A pinch of salt
□  A pinch of black pepper
□  1 piccolo of Curtice Brothers Organic Mayonnaise
□  1/2 a piccolo of Curtice Brothers Dijon Mustard


1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and mix
2. Serve and enjoy while it's still warm

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