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Thousand Island Salad Dressing

Alot of us have our favourite ingredients when putting together a salad. While the staples are the same, we can always play it up with different dressing. Here's our rendition of a much lighter and fresher Thousand Island dressing that you can try. 

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Thousand Island Salad Dressing


□ 1 tbsp of Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup
□ 1 tbsp of Curtice Brothers Organic Mayonnaise
□ 1 tsp of garlic, diced
□ 1 tbsp of pickles, diced
□ 1 tbsp of red onions, diced
□ 1 tsp of vinegar

□ Mixed leaves
□ Roasted red peppers
□ Avocado
□ Cherry tomatoes
□ Walnuts
□ Red onions


1. Mix the dressing ingredients and pour in your salad
2. Toss it nicely, until well coated and serve

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