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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Curtice Brothers products?

Our product variety ranges from classic ketchup to mayonnaise to mustard. All three products are real classics for your favorite dishes.

Currently we can only offer the ketchup in an elegant 300g jar. We are in the process of developing larger glasses for our mayonnaise and mustard.

Stay tuned and maybe you will soon discover us in the supermarket of your choice.


How long do the products last?

Our ketchup is stable for 36 months from production. We can guarantee a long best before date as we can guarantee ideal stability through hot filling.

After opening, we recommend storing the product in a cool place and using it up within 3 to 4 weeks.


Our mayonnaise has a shelf life of 18 months. How do we do it? Through a process in which we process pasteurized egg yolk, we manage to create an even and creamy distribution of the oil with vinegar and lemon juice. You may have noticed that all of our products "crack" when opened. This is due to our vacuum filling, which gives the mayonnaise additional stability.

After opening, we recommend storing the product in a cool place and using it up within 2-3 weeks.


The Curtice Brothers mustard has a shelf life of 12 months. To preserve mustard, vinegar is primarily used. This ensures that mustard does not spoil too quickly. However, the mustard loses its sharpness the longer it is stored. We want to prevent this from happening and therefore guarantee this taste for 12 months.

After opening, we recommend storing the product in a cool place.

How to use your pasta sauce?
While your pasta is cooking in a pan, add some olive oil. If you would like just add a little fresh onion and garlic. If you don't have much time, you can skip this step,  because onion and garlic are already in our pasta sauce. Take a look at our recipes!


Why does “Curtice Brothers Ketchup” appear on the pasta sauce bag?
We cook our ketchup from fresh tomatoes. With love and ingredients from regional partners. Apples, onions, garlic, chilli, ginger, salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar, mustard seeds and many other "secret" ingredients. Again and again we have heard from our fans that they use our ketchup for their pasta sauce. At the beginning it annoyed us a little, but now even Christoph cooks his pasta at home with our sauce. However you use our products - the main thing is that you enjoy them.

Do all sauces need to be stored refrigerated?

Yes, the product properties are retained longer if our sauces are stored refrigerated after opening.


What allergens do Curtice Brothers sauces contain?

All of our sauces contain mustard or mustard seeds.

Since we produce other products on the same production line of mayonnaise, we have to make the note "May contain traces of soy, nuts and fish" visible to all our customers.


How much sugar is in the ketchup?

Many customers ask us this because they want to know how much crystalline sugar we add (invert sugar). First of all: We only add 6% sugar from beet sugar. The rest of the sweetness comes from real tomatoes and ripe apples. However, it is important to us to understand that many of our raw materials are sources of glucose and fructose.

Sugar is important for the stability of ketchup. At Curtice Brothers, however, we try to keep your stake to an absolute minimum in order to keep the tomato indulgence as good as possible. Try it out - you will taste the difference to the competition immediately!

Why does the lid click on mustard?
Some customers ask us why the lid clicks on our mustard. In short, it is because we are unable to fill under vacuum. However, we are already working to resolve this problem as soon as possible. However, this product is originally closed. How long the mustard can be kept after the first opening depends on how often you open the jar. Contamination can get into the glass through the air or through cutlery. In general, our product is stable for several weeks after opening.

If you are not sure, you should first smell the mustard jar, see, and then taste it. Unless you find anything abnormal, you can eat the mustard. 

What payment options are there in the online shop?
We have activated the most commonly used payment methods. The current selection is: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay.

Have we forgotten a crucial option? Just send an email to:


How can I redeem a voucher?
In the checkout window there is the possibility to redeem vouchers.
These are usually only one-off and only valid for a certain period.


For which countries can I place orders?
Our shop has only been online for a short time. For this reason, we can currently only ship in the United Kingdom.

Would you like to place an order for your friends in German-speaking countries? Use this link:
You can also choose English as the language option here.


I cannot complete my order?
Check your entries again. If the delivery address is outside UK we cannot offer shipping here.
Another possibility could be an error in your payment details. Please check these two factors.
In case of doubt, an inquiry can also be sent in direct chat.


How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
One possibility is already in the newsletter itself. Should there still be problems with this processing; just send an email to: