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In life only two things matter: Love and Food

How we started

The world of ketchup is encompassed by just one big lonely brand with good flavor but without soul or love. We didn’t want it to be just ketchup (cooked ingredients in a branded bottle), instead we decided to add something that cannot be bought with money: love.

In life only two things matter: love and food. And both should be approached with reckless abandon (says Albert Einstein) in order to make the most of them. So we began to cook, we experimented with the wildest recipes, tasted the worst and the best outcomes, drank wine, danced in the kitchen and learned how to squeeze 15 tomatoes into one small bottle. Although you cant call it ketchup yet, the outcome is promising.

Organic and Sustainable Ingredients

Mario had this crazy idea of creating a healthier and better Ketchup that would exceed the expectations of his epicure friends – some of them sommeliers, chefs of upscale restaurants or the pampered lovers of good food.

We sourced for quality ingredients from some of the best organic farms to ensure no compromise in every step towards a Ketchup that we are proud to serve.

The Recipe Found Us

We began cooking and shared the outcome of every batch with friends and family.

Because our ketchup is crafted from the freshest ingredients, cooked at the lowest temperature and the shortest period possible, it has to rest in the bottle for one month to bring out its unique flavour before we can send it out.

We have no idea how we could have created this recipe, because we are neither very good at cooking nor are we any sort of scientists; the only way to explain how we found our recipe might be, that the recipe found us.

Fresh Tomato. No Concentrate

A ketchup from a time when there was no tomato concentrate and only fresh ingredients counted

Vegan and Gluten Free

Certified for a gluten free and plant-based diet

Less Sugar, Less Salt

The healthier choice for you and your family

Organic and Sustainable

Our ingredients are carefully selected from organic farmers in support of a more sustainable environment

Great Taste Award

Winner of the Great Taste Award for 3 consecutive years since 2018 with the highest praises from distinguished judges

From Ketchup to Sauces

Our passion did not just stop at Ketchup. After cooking a Ketchup that we are all so pleased with, we realised we could do more and we should do more. Why stop at bringing just one good sauce to the table? 

After rounds of researching, cooking and experiments in our kitchens, we came up with three other organic sauces. From Chilli Ketchup to Mayonnaise to Mustard, each of them so delicious that we can proudly say they are second to none.

Award Winning Sauces

From sourcing of ingredients, to cooking, bottling, serving and finally winning the Great Taste Award, the world’s most trusted food and drink awards. The panel of judges which consists of the most discerning palates has awarded Curtice Brothers not one, but three Great Taste Awards for our organic Ketchup, organic Chili Ketchup and organic Mayonnaise.

The Awards are of course a very welcomed compensation for all the work we put into our sauces. The awards, however, have even become part of our product development process. Although our ketchup has consistently convinced the jury over the past three years, some new products did not. So we took the jury’s feedback, worked on the formulas, and re-submitted and were rewarded. In an ideal world, this is how it should go, and this is how we will strive and continue to bring quality organic sauces to your table.